The Post-Graduate Program “Primary Health Care” is two (calendar) years in duration and comprises the mandatory attendance and successful evaluation on the courses of the two academic years, followed by the writing of the thesis that must be completed in four months.

Each course is 24 hours in duration (lectures and practical exercises) and lasts four days (Wednesday to Sunday) each month.

The students evaluation includes the mandatory completion of an essay that must be completed within one month and must be delivered in the Education Office of the Medical School or the Department of Nursing when the students arrive for the next course. Additionally, the students may give written examinations in some courses, if the faculty member responsible for the course considers it necessary.

The selection process includes an interview, in which former experience, scientific knowledge, work employment status, age, previous career achievements and seminars attendance will be taken into account, along with the well knowledge of a foreign language.

The program aims to provide a high level of post-graduate education in the field of primary health care services based on the knowledge and experience of the faculty members of the Medical School and the Department of Nursing. The great importance of primary health care and the difficulties in every aspect of medical and nursing care (services quality, management, economy) make the development of scientists with special knowledge in this health area necessary.

Post-graduate Students

Graduates of Schools of Health Sciences from Universities or Technological Education Institutes, as well as equivalent foreign institutions, may participate in our graduate program. In order to apply for the program, students have to complete an application and provide certain documents, as they are defined in the proclamation. Those with a degree from a foreign country must submit their title recognition by the National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC).


The cost of tuition is 1.250 € per semester.

Students obligations

Post-graduate students are obliged to follow the Single Regulation (SR) of the Post-graduate Students of our University, as well as the decisions of the special Interdepartmental Committee (IDC) of the Post-graduate Program in “Primary Health Care”.

Following the Students Course Progress

The progress of each student will be under the supervision of one faculty member (Teaching and Research Staff, TRS) or a member from the Research Staff (RS) (Advisor Professor, AP) and the Supervisor Professor (SP). The general supervision of each students progress is under the supervision of the IDC.

The SP is a faculty or RS member that defines the subject and supervise the preparation and the writing of the thesis.The SP and the subject of the thesis is chosen (from a list approved by the IDC according to scientific criteria) by each post-graduate student after the end of the 2nd semester. Every SP cannot supervise more than 3 post-graduate students.

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