The objective of the Primary Health Care post-graduates program is to provide students with knowledge and skills concerning:

  • The promotion and growth of research in health care sciences

  • The study of health care models, as they are described in Greek and international literature

  • The development of techniques and the determination of measures regarding the promotion of both physical and mental health

  • The design of health care programs for the community, work and family

  • The management of organizations and institutions that provide health care services

  • The confrontationof life threatening and dangerous situations

  • The study and characterization of both care and behavior, associated with health, of certain population groups (repatriates, financial immigrants, Greek muslim community, Romanies) with specific cultural habits

Additionally, during the course, graduate students are trained in techniques and methods regarding:

  • The analysis and evaluation of health care behaviors and situations of the population in the province, etc

  • The investigation and discovery of factors that have a negative influence in the health of the general population and favor disease development

  • The analysis and evaluation of the dynamics that influence the (economic) health care cost

  • The evaluation of health-care comforts and products, health care services, health programs and programs associated with health improvement

  • Health Marketing and Management programs

  • Qualitative and quantitative research in health sciences